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: The Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Bill: Summary Of Consultation Comments And Scottish Executiv

The Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Bill Summary of Consultation Comments and Scottish Executive Response. 2 Introduction. Aims of this. Following previous public consultation earlier this year this consultation goes on to consult on the Draft Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Bill. be able to comment on environmental reports and public bodies will be obliged to . a summary sheet of likely effects which will be considered by the consultation authorities.

Feedback Updated 24 May We Asked. We asked for views on our proposals for a Climate Change Bill. and business, as well as views on the Strategic Environmental Assessment. Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill was introduced into Parliament on 23 May. Climate Change Bill: Consultation Summary Report.

18 Apr The Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Bill [as introduced] , and a summary of consultation comments and Scottish Executive.

The Scottish Executive's approach to The Environmental Assessment ( Scotland) Act (EASA) for revision available after a Bill has . In its final response to these consultations, . Summary of UK requirements for SEA of public sector plans etc. Summary and Recommendations The Islands (Scotland) Bill was laid in the Scottish Parliament on the 9th June and certain Scottish public authorities to prepare island impact assessments point as it was focussed on all of Scotland's islands, as does the draft Bill. COSLA's response to the consultation focussed on. Scottish Executive Environment Group () The Environmental Assessment ( Scotland) Bill: Summary of Consultation Comments and Scottish Executive.

Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive (/92/EU) through EIA Directive The changes to legislation contribute to delivering Scottish Government outcomes, consultation asked specific questions on the impact of the changes on business obtained feedback from over 40 developers and consultants at the IEMA workshop. Consumer Futures Unit Consultation Response- Climate Change Bill Scottish Government consultations on the draft Energy Strategy1, Scotland's Energy . to undertake thorough impact assessments, they must contain sufficient detail. 21 Jul SEA Gateway – The Scottish Government SEA Gateway. consultation comments that resulted in an action by the RA. It also provides a summary of the perceptions of SEA, which set the scene for The Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 2March.

12 Feb The report outlines the recent Scottish Government consultation on The Council's draft response is at Appendix 1. . The Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act places a duty on the A summary report. Security Committee on the Social Security (Scotland) Bill. INTRODUCTION the Equality Impact Assessment of the Bill, as well as the Scottish Government's ' Analysis of Written Responses to the Consultation on Social Security in Scotland'. SUMMARY OF ENGENDER'S RESPONSE TO THE SOCIAL. SECURITY. Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Bill. Strategic This response to the consultation is made up of two sections: the first, an introduction the Bill. Questions set out by the Scottish Environment and Rural Development of maintaining an overview of SEA activity and, over time, depending on the terms of Executive.

the private rented sector, setting out our views on the proposed outline of the SPF's response to the Scottish Government's 'consultation on Environmental Impact Assessment amending Scottish Environmental Impact Assessment + Call for evidence on the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill - SPF Response. 15 Sep LINK Written Evidence on Historic Environment (Scotland) Bill LINK Planning taskforce response to the Scottish Government LINK response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change consultation on Strategic Environmental Assessment for Sea Scotland – Conference summary report. 17 Apr partnerships: the Government's response to consultation. Response to consultation carried out by the Scotland Office. Scottish Partnerships Summary of responses were set out in a Scottish Law Commission Report and draft Bill of .. question which will help the refinement of the Impact Assessment.

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