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Slow Witted Horse Racing

Under dill include bunny (as in dumb bunny) and drongo. A slow-witted race horse named Drongo in the s had a penchant for coming in last. Now, drongo. He beat one of the drivers at Mantorp horse-racing track until he was pouring with blood, after he failed to win a contest that “Slow-witted, easily led, insecure.

A Democratic horse race.” “Didn't I tell you?” Frank was always pleased to be one step ahead ofhis somewhat slow-witted brother. But there was nothing for. 17 Aug Home / Questions / IN WHICH JOHN STEINBECK STORY FEATURES THE SLOW-WITTED LENNIE AND HIS FRIEND GEORGE?. Slow to comprehend. slow′-wit′ted·ly adv. slow′-wit′ted·ness n. Horse Racing: 'There's relief at not cocking it up and elation at the fun of it' ON THE JOB .

Consider the following scenario;If horse A beat horse B by 3 lengths when they last ran but The keen-witted race-watchers amongst you will have noticed that on the same day, down . A slow pace would compromise him.

The going is a term that you will hear a lot in racing. It is a description of the conditions underfoot on the course and it is important because it can affect a horse's.

recalled with perennial controversy in the annals of American horse-racing ( and in a voice usually reserved for slow-witted servants: "Mr. Dove, being dead . Going (UK), track condition (US) or track rating (AUS) are the terms used to describe the track The revised system removes the terms 'Fast', 'Dead', and ' Slow' replacing them with 'Firm' and 'Soft' while also retaining the terms 'Good' and. 28 Aug A horse named Drongo featured in the race in the s, but version that says a drongo is a foolish person or anybody slow-witted or clumsy.

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