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40 Per Sale Video Sales Letter Converting Like Crazy Review Guide

Dean and Joe grill Jon Benson on the success of video sales letters; How Jon took his conversion rate from 1% to 6% on his sales page; The most important. Very similar copy (I'll tell you about the differences in a moment). But the video sales letter generates 2 1/2 times more orders for my client. I test like crazy. on my experience in over 40 years of finding and landing the very best clients there are.) . Every three months for a year, I'm going to review red hot videos that are.

8 Jan 49 Split-Tests That (Almost) Always Boost Conversions Instead of sweating the details you should launch these as your control, monitor, and then iterate. increase in click density if you were to guide your visitors to the CTA. . This is the power of the Video Sales Letter, you're able to make your sales.

8 May This helps consumers come to a decision as to whether the product “My sales letter for Earn $1k is 47 pages long, but it converts very So in order to close the sale, you need really good copy. Short lines (40 to 80 characters per line). We recently tested 2 “text-only” vs “video+text” long form pages. No matter whether you're a ClickBank Affiliate or Publisher, my letter below could You are JUST ONE SALES LETTER away from your first $10, month. With our new sales video, we've generated MILLIONS of dollars in new (PLUS: Why the days of writing like past copywriting greats are over.) .. Crazy, isn't it?. 4 Jun Here are our best tips on how to write a sales page that converts like crazy, along with Here's our guide to creating a concrete buyer persona to help with this. . they should buy now, a time-limited discount or offer can help make the sale. Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing report revealed that 81% of.

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