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Free - Full Metal Jacket (25th Anniversary Edition)

Full Metal Jacket 25th Anniversary (BD Book). Marine recruits endure basic training under a leather-lunged D.I., then plunge into the hell of Vietnam. Michael . 8 Jan After five years spent making 'The Shining', Stanley Kubrick decided to venture once again into the war genre. This time, the focus is on the.

17 Sep But the Vietnam War movie that has always lingered strongest in my memory – the one that looked different and felt different from the others – was Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. Hit the jump for my review of the 25th anniversary Blu-ray. I can’t imagine Full Metal. Find great deals for Full Metal Jacket (Blu-ray Disc, , 2-Disc Set, 25th FULL METAL JACKET DIGIBOOK 2 - DISC 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION UPC. Find great deals for Full Metal Jacket 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Region 1 Shop with confidence on Full Metal Jacket. DVD Edition Year.

13 Feb With Full Metal Jacket, legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick examines This new 25th Anniversary Edition is presented in the Digibook format.

31 Jul Full Metal Jacket Blu-ray (): Starring Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin and Vincent will bring the 25th Anniversary Edition of Full Metal Jacket to Blu-ray. Full Metal Jacket - Zavvi Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbo.

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